Personifying the Belt Buckle

They said clothes maketh the man. That saying, by the way, is still valid today. Even if you prefer dressing up as casually as possible, even giving yourself a rough and dirty treatment to your favorite pair of faded jeans, the clothes you wear every day define who you are as a man.

But whether you are going to be the Harry casual guy you want to be or be attired more formally, your look loses all its luster when certain subtle items are carelessly ignored. You could get away with murder if you are deliberately wearing a favorite pair of scuffed up boots but you stick out like a sore thumb if your belt has no buckle.

That’s if you’re even wearing a belt. So, come on guys, it’s time to buckle up. Apply your creative mind to going through online catalogues of personalized belt buckles and picking out one or two that fits your personality like a glove. If you’re dressed formally, be very careful which buckle you pick out when you’re wearing a favorite pair of brogues. But if you are keeping your shoe wear safe with a square toe fit, then match this with a square buckle.

personalized belt buckles

Reserve the wide bronco round buckle for your weekend look. Don’t listen to what they say about round buckles being a tad on the feminine side. What do they know about being a cowboy? And cowboys still don’t cry, right? Right? There you go. But if you are indecisive and haven’t found your personal look yet, you’ll want to play it safe with a square buckle. Safe as houses and you’re still the man of the house. Finally, still playing it safe, for formal wear, consider the use of a smaller rectangular buckle to go with your suit or jacket.