Types of Massages at the Day Spa

When you need a day to be pampered, to relax and unwind, you need a day at the spa. A wide range of services leave you happily satisfied and refreshed, feeling like your old self once again. You can find an array of services at the day spa Napa Valley, though the massages offered seem to appeal to many people. There’s several massage types available. Each has its own benefits and you are sure to enjoy them all just as much as the next. However, there is one type of spa that is sure to stand out in your mind. Here’s a look at some of the types of massages that you can choose from to help you feel your best after a day at the spa.

·    Shiatsu: This massage technique applies pressure to the acupressure points of the body. This massage is designed to improve energy and wellness.

·    Prenatal: A prenatal massage is used by mothers to be. It alleviates many of the common complaints of pregnant women, including headaches, back pain, and leg cramps.

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·    Swedish: Most people have heard the Swedish massage mentioned a time or two before. The massage uses long pressured stroked and depth to improve muscle pressure and tone, to improve blood flow, and to improve joint flexibility.

·    Sports: The sports massage works tired, overworked muscles, much like those felt by sports players. It combines the Swedish and Deep Tissue massages together to improve soreness, flexibility, and strength.

·    Deep Tissue: The deep tissue massage is perfect for people with tension and other pains. It uses long strokes and deep finger pressure to release harmful toxins from the muscles, easing discomfort.

You surely want to enjoy some of the many other services offered at the spa, but make sure that you stay for the massage.